I Am A ....


Fully Licensed CounselorĀ 

Who wants to work with first responders in a counseling setting and better serve the community and gain insight.


Counselor Under Supervision

Who wants to work with first responders in a counseling setting to better serve this unique population.


Supporter of First Responders

Who wants to learn more about the first responder culture to better serve the population.


If you are a fully and actively licensed therapist, recognized by your governing licensure board as being authorized to provide clinical counseling services, treatment plans, bill insurance, etc.) then you are most likely qualified to enroll in the Certified First Responder Counselor program and certification. We simply do not want to certify anyone as a "counselor" whose governing entity does not recognize them as such.

If you provide counseling in your professional role, but are not a licensed clinician (still under supervision hours toward licensure completion, chaplains, group facilitators in a treatment setting, etc.) then you would be qualified to enroll in our Certified First Responder Associate training program.

If you do not provide counseling services, but want to better understand First Responders because you interact with them or work with them in any other capacity (volunteer coordinators, treatment staff, family & friends, etc.) then you may take the Certified First Responder Supporter training program.