"This course is an absolute must for clinicians that have no, or very little experience working with these cultures who desire to work with First Responders."

Brent R.

"This was an excellent course and it is affording me an opportunity to give back to first responders."

Griena K.

""The Certified First Responder Counselor (CFRC) Training program by Director, Amy Morgan with Academy Hour was informative, enlightening, and allowed me to hone my skills as a licensed therapist who works with first responders, victims, and their families who have experienced trauma. Amy is a knowledgeable and compassionate trainer who stays versed on all aspects of mental health and its role and connection with first responders. Amy articulates the importance of first responders' roles but also the emotional, physical, and mental distress they can experience. This is an excellent program and one I strongly endorse for any licensed counselor who works with our first responder population. I am truly humbled and blessed to have participated and completed this certification and training in working with first responders.""

Leah McMillan

"Not only was the program engaging and motivating, the customer care provided was excellent."

Tanya M.

"This is a very thorough course that helps counselors really learn what it takes to be a first responder counselor."

Rae B.

"It gave a better and more in depth view, understanding and knowledge of first responders and their culture which I know will be helpful in working with this populations of individuals."

Krista C.

"The course really goes into detail regarding all the aspects of working with first responders. I especially appreciated the part about understanding first responders culture and coping mechanisms."

M. Drewer-Tabacchi

"Although I currently work with first responder or as we call them warriors, I found useful valid information to enhance the work I am already doing."

Vonnie N.

"I found the course thorough, informative, and comprehensive. I liked the different methods of teaching (voiceover slides, videos, reading). I liked the structure of the course as well."

Elizabeth C.
Registered Psychotherapist, CFRC

"I enjoyed the program and was able to see more on the responder side of things and how as a counselor I could be beneficial to them overall. I would recommend this training and the staff to anybody interested. Wonderful job."

Laura F.

"I am highly impressed with the content, compassion and professionalism presented in this course. I will definitely recommend the course as warranted. I'm a better counselor for taking this training!"

Terri A.

"I have been so inspired by learning about and from this extremely important population who deserve to have access to support and resources for their overall health and wellness."

Meredith S.

"From a first responder family, I really appreciated the positive approach to the culture, and the extremely culturally competent content in the training. Very insightful and informative!"

Alisha S.

"This course was not easy. It was challenging, however, well worth it. The course was educational, practical, and I feel that it has prepared me well to work with first responders."

Nicky U.

"I appreciated the various ways of presenting information, such as text slides with audio, outside readings, and video clips. This helped to solidify the information for me and it kept my attention throughout. I am really excited to continue my counseling work with this additional education!"

Asha J.

"The CFRC course was extremely informative!!! It covered every area of which a therapist should be aware when working with this population. It is thoughtful and real - offering real-world examples of some of the awfulness first responders experience repeatedly. I feel VERY prepared to work with this population."

Michael-Renee G.

"This training program further solidified what I've already known, but at the same time, put some of it in perspective in regards to First Responders. I currently work with First Responders and am appreciative to be able to apply this information to my current and future clients."

Sarah S.

"This program was such an invaluable experience and I cannot say enough great things about it. Not only was the material well organized and clear with varying learning formats incorporated, but it really helps you gain a deeper appreciation for both first responders and mental health overall. Much needed now more than ever!"

Olivia V.

"I think this training program was one of the best I have ever taken. It was very informative and interesting."

Sara C.

"This was an amazing course. I enjoyed every minute of it. The CFRC course was informative, comprehensive and emotional. This course thoroughly prepared me for my endeavor to work with first responders. The stories were emotional, some of them put me right there. This course helped me to understand the first responder culture and mentality. It reinforced the need for me to utilize active listening and building of trust and rapport. The course also helped me to look out for unhealthy coping tools such as alcohol/drug use, and infidelity. Lastly, I really liked that Amy continuously emphasized the difficulty of working with first responders and "maybe this isn't the best decision for you" to undertake. I totally agree. We as clinicians entered this field to do good, but we also need to realize our limitations. Thank you infinitely for this wonderful course."

Jose Chen

" I found the information in this training to be quite interesting and helpful. In particular though, the “what you will hear” Videos were very educational, moving, and important in understanding situations from the responders perspective. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who works with first responders in any capacity."

Patti R.

"I enjoyed this training program. It was exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up, and provided real and honest portrayals of first responders. I think it was also beneficial to expose practitioners to scenarios that they will need to be comfortable with in working with this population as a tool to decide whether this is something the individual wants to pursue."

Melissa S.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this training. It was very helpful to better understand the culture of first responder work settings and their mindset. I appreciated all of the videos to gain insight."

Melanie P.

"This training program is great! It was really well organized and informative. I really liked how the learning material was a mix of different types of learning (reading material, videos, in person experiences). I will recommend this training program to my colleagues."

Karensa M.

"Really wonderful course; I will certainly recommend to other counselors in the field. Not only did this improve my work with the clients I had on my caseload who are first responders, it informed how I interact with and understand my father (retired NYPD) and brother (retired FDNY)."

Gabrielle P.

"The training was very informative and easy to understand. The additional reading was like putting icing on a cake, it just made everything clearer. Since I started the training I have found myself looking at first responders in a different way because I have more knowledge and understanding of what is beneath what is seen and I find myself wondering if they have a balance in their lives to keep them safe or if they are just sucking it up."

Delores M.

"This course was informative, well-designed, and made to help clinicians be able to professionally and effectively work with responders. It provides a level of competence in an area that is not addressed in graduate school that every clinician working with a responder should have."

Angela F.

"I really enjoyed this training. I appreciate the way the material was broken down to a real world understanding. Many trainings just list facts, but this training was about the experience and I really enjoyed it."

Jennifer N.

"The CFRC training provided valuable information for working with first responders and was clinically sound. As the wife of a law enforcement officer for the past 14 years, I could relate to so much of the material and vouch that all of the training information is so important to understanding the culture of responders. Thank you for creating such a wonderful training and helping others to understand and have compassion for this population!"

Sarah S.

"This was so thorough and really gave me a new perspective on responder culture but it also validated what I have been advocating for, which is accessibility to mental health support for responders"

Melissa N.

"Throughout this program I experienced a number of reactions/emotions; excitement, self-doubt, renewed passion for the care and support of law enforcement officers. This program was well rounded in it's instruction for all First Responders. Based on in the information I learned, I believe I would be able to offer support to all forms of First Responders but this course helped me identify I will be the most effective with police and corrections officers. I have decided to make that my primary focus. I hope to develop a strong network of other professionals who can provide support to other First Responders."

Dawn C. Bradley

"The CFRC program helped put into perspective the world of the responder. I found myself crying, angry, frustrated...feeling the same things the responders were feeling and at the same time wanting to help them and let them know they are not alone. Each section brought a new insight, confirmed and supported the knowledge I had, and fueled my passion for our responders even more. This training is extremely informative and is not for the faint of heart, which is why it is perfect."

Andrea S.

"I feel this course is essential for anyone wanting to work with this very special population. The information is presented in a way that is digestible and it is broken down into sections. I enjoyed this course very much. "

Dee L.

"This training was outstanding and I enjoyed every video, hearing every story and listening to responders share their personal experiences. This training being one that you could complete on your own time was very helpful, as we all have busy schedules and it being self-paced did not interfere with my daily job duties. I'm so thankful for having the opportunity to participate in this training. I honestly learned so much and I would recommend it to anyone."

Heidi H.

" This program was beyond measure. I did not know what to expect, but I felt that this training was incredibly thorough and as real as it gets. I appreciate it there were not any corners cut in regards to truly trying to help clinicians have a thorough understanding of the culture and daily lives of first responders. I have already recommended this training to others and would Highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in working with a first responder community."

Andrew C.

"A very eye-opening and informative class. I feel it did an excellent job to prepare me to work with first responders."

Peter V.

"I truly loved taking this course. It reminded me of being a first responder myself years ago and why I want to give back/help this population now."

Wendy B.

"It was structured in a way that flowed well for me. I never felt overwhelmed by the material. It was helpful to watch certain videos more than once. Overall, I feel like I learned a lot. It makes me even more thankful and proud of our first responders."

Chris W.

"A great program, really helped expand my knowledge of first responder issues, and realize where they land on the scale of human issues. Supporting those who do the work responders do is a critical component of supporting the health of the whole community. I am grateful that this course can help me make a contribution to something so important for us all."

Donna B.

"I appreciated how much detail was provided in each topic, and the continual focus on the importance of self care as a therapist to responders. I also appreciate that you did not sugar coat what they deal with and how it impacts them, and the "stories you will hear" sections were so important. It would be helpful to have a section on being a therapist to spouses and kids of responders and how to support the issues they face as a result of their loved one's career. Thank you so much for creating this program. As a police spouse, I appreciate knowing there are culturally competent therapists out there for my spouse and his fellow responders. As a therapist, I value being culturally competent and this gave me the skills and knowledge I need to work with this population. "

Amber S.

"The CFRC program helped put into perspective the world of the responder. I found myself crying, angry, frustrated...feeling the same things the responders were feeling and at the same time wanting to help them and let them know they are not alone. Each section brought a new insight, confirmed and supported the knowledge I had, and fueled my passion for our responders even more. This training is extremely informative and is not for the faint of heart, which is why it is perfect."

Andrea S.

"I was very pleased with the material and content in this course work. It really helped me hone in on what is important when working with first-responders. The videos and "stories you will hear" I found to be greatly impactful!"

Hillary N.

"This training was exceptional; It kept my attention while I learned new things. As a retired Law Enforcement - Civilian, I used it as a unique opportunity to manage some of my own field experiences while and now a mental health counselor. Grateful for the Certified First Responder Certificate training!"

Natalie S

"Although I have worked with officers in a previous field of work, I appreciate hearing various stories and difficulties that other first responders have had and learned how I can best help them. I also appreciate that this training reminds everyone that takes this course to remember to take care of ourselves as well. "

Michelle G.

"The mixed delivery of the course content was so incredibly helpful. The trainer's narrative along with the first hand accounts, interviews and reading material kept the information fresh and engaging. I feel much more poised and ready to receive the stories and experiences that the first responders will be sharing. "

Sara S.

"I am so happy I found this course online, and even happier I was permitted to participate, seeing that I am not from the US. This content was exactly what I needed and I look forward to being able to apply it in the context of Trinidad and Tobago First Responders. The Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement book was EXCELLENT and I look forward to building on it in hopefully creating an Emotional Survival program here for First Responders. The content was excellent, Ms. Morgan was fantastic with all the modules. Although they took me on quite the emotional roller coaster, it was necessary to have somewhat of a front row seat to the daily experiences of First Responders. I feel better prepared to treat with this population now. Thank you!"

Jelle V.

"I thought it was a very through training program and I learned a great deal-more than expected."

Christin V.

"Informative, insightful and revealing!"

Obadiah M.

"This is a wonderful training program. It truly covers what a therapist needs to be familiar with when counseling a First Responder such as the culture, trauma, and innerworkings."

Rixie Albright

"I highly recommend this program to any counselor who wants to better serve their responder clients. I have learned a lot from this program and exceeded my expectations and as a previous Police Officer myself, I would hope that more counselors can learn from this program."

Paul P.

"This program was very relevant for counselors who plan to work with first responders. The "Stories you will hear" were first-hand, real-life stories that counselors will hear about and need to be used to. The materials were accurate, and informative. There was a lot of thought and energy put into this program. I would highly recommend all counselors take this course so they are prepared to work with first responders in a way that will be beneficial to their unique needs."

Teri F.

"This training course allowed for quality content that allows the learner to immerse themselves in the responsibilities and content of first responder clients. The "Stories You Will Hear" section was always very interesting and did not hold back on the graphicness of the material one would be faced with, which I found very helpful in evaluating my own readiness for this population."

Ashley W.

"This training was unlike any other I have taken during my career. It was truly designed to provide the participant with culturally relevant information and experiences. We all know we learned more in internship than grad school... this course was equal to the experiential learning of internship. "

Nicole T.

"Definitely loved this training! Gave great insight, I have already recommended it to 2 colleagues of mine who are planning on signing up for it when they can. I enjoyed the extra reading and loved the alternate assignment of watching 3 documentaries, this helped a lot with insight. "

Brittany K.

"I really enjoyed this course. It certainly is eye-opening to the world responders face. I believe my knowledge and compassion has been increased as a result of this course and have already recommended it to the counselors who work for me."

Janelle E.

"I appreciate this program a great deal. Not only was the content incredibly informative but the passion behind those involved was clear. I gained a great deal from this program and look forward to continuing my education and experience with this amazing population of men and women."

Allyson S.

"This training absolutely exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed every single second of it. I could not wait to go into the next session each day and read more and listen to more. I genuinely think this is one of the best trainings about first responders, outside of the police academy, that people can take. This is truly informative to what responders go through each day and I genuinely believe people who take this training will have a completely different outlook on these professions. As a prior law enforcement officer myself, struggling with a lot of the things presented in the training, I am grateful this is exists because its extremely, extremely spot on accurate, I can't even stress that enough. I could go on and on about this training, but its truly immaculate and I am grateful for the opportunity. "

Alisa M.

"I really appreciated all the first hand accounts and videos shown of real situations that first responders deal with every single day. I also found it helpful to hear about experiences from responders of different disciplines including dispatch."

Rotem M.

"Very informative. I enjoyed all of the video clips and questions that made me think critically. "

Tiffany A.

"I was not sure what to expect when I started the course and it far exceeded my expectations. The pacing was great, the material was relevant, and I am excited for the continuing educational courses. Thank you for the effort it took to put this program together."

Stephanie P.

"I thought that it was very real and informative. Hearing actual calls and testimony from first responders and their families really drove it home."

Cindy M.

"As a former first responder this course provided me with insight into other responder professions. I never understood how much dispatch endured until completing this course."

Heather C.

"I am very thankful for this training program. I have been and continue to be excited to implement tools I have learned."

Heather G.

"This course was amazing. Very glad I chose to do it. I was a little nervous about the ride-along, but it turned out to be so easy and what a valuable experience! I am looking forward to better serving those who serve us."

Elizabeth M.

"Wow! This was more than I could have ever expected in the variety, excellence and importance of the material. I am so grateful for the outstanding quality of this course. I feel so much more prepared and I have learned so much. Thank you!"

Elizabeth N.

"This clinical counseling training was so specific to the needs of the first responder population. I feel so much more credible as a result of all I learned and feel that I was able to provide more effective counseling interventions and skills to the police officers that I see as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker."

Carie J.

"This course is extremely thorough in the information and understanding of responder culture and trauma of the job and how it affects them personally, as well and their families. This is an excellent course in getting the pulse of this population and what it takes to be an effective first responder counselor."

Sheila M.

"Due to the increasing awareness regarding first responders' mental health and self-care, this training program provides practical, updated information and cutting edge interventions specifically designed for this culture. As with any other population and/or culture, it is our responsibility to develop the competencies necessary to work with our respective clients using an adequate theoretical framework that fits their needs. This programs provides a comprehensive foundation for working with first responders."

Mildred B.
PhD in Clinical Psychology

"I can say that my cultural competency in working with first responders has increased as a result of completing this training. I thought the mixture between lecture and video was right on target. I would recommend this training to counselors who are thinking about or who have just started working with first responders. Thanks for spending the time to put together such a well thought out training. "

Kelly T.

"Was very insightful and taught me a lot about what is needed as a counselor to properly serve this population. Extremely thorough."

Amanda Nowlin

"I think your course does an incredible job introducing and immersing counselor and therapists into the unique challenges of working with First Responders. I will highly recommend this course to social work, counseling, psychology students and to working therapists anywhere in the world."

Matthew M.

"I thought the training was comprehensive and offered an honest portrayal into the life of a first responder. It's helped prepare me to be an effective helper to responders and their families."

Brian F.

"This training exceeded my expectations; I feel like I have a much better insight and understanding of the lives of first responders."

Heather H.

"This was an excellent program that gave me great insight as to what first responders face in their career. It gave me the knowledge and tools to better help my clients in this population."


"I appreciated the experiential aspect of this certification training program! Even though it is completed virtually, getting to watch videos of real-life experiences/situations that correlated with the sections was very helpful in gaining a better understand of what our responder clients witness/deal with regularly."

Stacey H.

"Since I've been a chaplain for so many years I wasn't sure if I'd learn big things, and I anticipated more of a refresher. However, after the first couple of sessions I could see we were moving in directions that I had given little thought to, or areas which I hadn't considered at all. I was really challenged in some areas, and it made me hungry to learn more, i.e., warrior vs. guardian, EMDR, the effects of long term hypervigilance."

Daniel H.

"This was a great training that provided me with a better perspective of the first responders' jobs. I look forward to further training through this organization to gain better knowledge of this population, as well as additional ride alongs. "

Angela W.

"This training was thorough and on point. The ride along near or at the end tied everything together from the modules. Very well worth it!"

Julie H.

"As a counselor who works with first responders in private practice, and as the wife of a career firefighter, I found this training program to be 100% on point with my experience of first responder culture. "

Sarah T.

"This has been an eye opening course filled with valuable content from Amy. The way each lesson was presented with videos and reflection questions, helped me be more presented as I completed the course over a period of time. I was able to try to put myself in the shoes of the type of counselor I would want to be for a first responder coming to me for assistance. The videos were real and raw and allowed me time to prepare myself to navigate the emotions associated with the difficult stories. With this content and the ride-along assignment, I feel better equipped to help the men and women who selflessly serve and protect others. "

Jasmine G.

"I felt the training was very helpful in allowing me to understand unique issues related to first responders."

Linda Sue T.
Psy.D., CFRC

"Excellent training. I am excited to work with responders and this training has helped me to feel confident and engaged."

Erica J.

"This training program revealed to me the need for responders to have access to high quality mental health care without fear of shame and judgement. The program also showed me the humanity within each first responder, and gave me insight to the need for increased awareness of the damage repeated exposure to trauma can do. I will dedicated the rest of my career supporting this valuable population as best I can."

Vincent F.

"This has been a fantastic program and I would highly recommend for anyone working with first responders. "

Jennifer V.

"I believe that everyone looking to work with first responders would benefit from completing this program. I had the opportunity to learn firsthand what a responder does every day, and how to best support them. It is very different than watching a documentary or watching it on television. "

Anastasia N.

"This was one of the most informative trainings of my 14 year career. The program was engaging from start to finish. I enjoyed learning from videos, interviews, articles, documentaries, and 911 calls. While I have been working with responders for several years, I feel much more competent and ready to serve the responder community."

Jessica L.

"I found this course to offer invaluable training and information for me to begin my journey in becoming a certified first responder counselor. I know that this is only the beginning of my journey and I will continue to pursue knowledge and training to help first responders to the best of my abilities."

Mario A.
Job Title

"I enjoyed this training a lot and found it very informative. The information was well presented and never dry. I believe that it gave a great insight into the perspective and world of responders."

Sean B.

"This is one of the most thorough courses I have taken. There was a great combination of visual aids to support my learning. When I did my interview assignment, I basically was able to witness many of the cultural issues brought forth in the training. Thank you so much."

Cynthia R.

"I truly enjoyed this program. It allowed me to have a more personal experience of what life is like daily for first responders and their families. I look forward to being able to use this training to help others."

Amy V.

"This was a phenomenal course. It requires commitment, but for the counselor who is committed determining if working with first responders is right for them, it provides challenging content and real life exposure. This course added to my knowledge and challenged my capabilities as a trauma counselor, requiring growth and personal introspection in order to provide my best counselor for future first responder clients."

Tiffany H.

"Eye opening information that helps one look at a unique group of people their needs, fears and services. "

Maggie B.

"When I began this program, I felt as if I had come home. It felt like something I had been searching to find for a very long time. I appreciate your dedication to the mental health of our first responders, especially during the current state of our country. "

Tina F.