As a Certified First Responder Associate, you will be specialty-trained in the unique culture of First Responders and Law Enforcement Officers. This 40-hour online training program prepares you for the CFRA certification exam and prepares you to be culturally competent to support those who protect all of us.

This program is for those who are in a counseling role at some level, but are not a fully, independent licensed clinician. Examples - chaplains, group facilitators, certified (non-licensed) counselors, counselors still under supervision, pastoral counselors, etc.  This program does not license you to be a counselor, but trains you toward cultural competency in an existing counseling role.

Upon enrollment you will have access to the training program for 100 days. 

This training program is delivered to you in an online, gradual-release platform. What this means: During the first 40 days of the program you will have access to a new session each day. So, upon enrollment, you'll be able to access Session 1. The next day, Session 2... and so on, until you have all 40 training hours.  You will then have access for another 60 days to catch up, re-watch sessions, and prepare for the certification exam.

In case of time delays and emergencies, you will have the option of a 30-day extension at a cost of $100.

  1. The mentality of a Law Enforcement Officer
  2. The perspective of a First Responder
  3. The culture / family of response teams
  4. The Trauma of being a Responder
  5. The triad of health & well-being in regard to safety
  6. Suicide in law enforcement & First Responder careers
  7. Warrior mentality
  8. Peer support vs Peer pressure
  9. Denial, Job Security, and other reasons to resist counseling
  10. The spouse, children, family of a Responder
  11. The real goal of helping a Responder
  12. The importance of self-debriefing as a Responder counselor
  13. Ethics in Responder careers and those of their Counselors
  14. Confidentiality and trust
  15. Rapport with a warrior
  16. Common coping techniques of First Responders
  17. The Suicide Flowchart
  18. Resources available to First Responders
  19. Helping a Responder manage public criticism
  20. A holistically healthy First Responder
  21. Changing the culture of First Responder mental health
  22. Other issues related specifically to working in a counselor role with a First Responder

The CFRC certification has been developed by and is offered by Academy Hour (www.AcademyHour.com) as a means of educating those in a counseling role about the very specific needs of Law Enforcement and First Responders. Not all counselors are meant to handle the trauma and situations that these warriors experience. Part of this program will include self-assessment to identify your own abilities in regard to working with the intense and difficult situations that responders would discuss in a counseling session. 

This is a cultural competency training program, with the focus population being Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders.

The Certified First Responder Associate training program is not a program to authorize non-counselors to become counselors.  Only fully-licensed, independent counselors/therapists may take the exam and become certified under the CFRC program. The CFRA (Associate) program is for those who provide counseling in a non-licensed role.

If you have any questions about which tier you qualify for (CFRC, CFRA or CFRS) please email us at [email protected]

The CFRA training program is primarily an online learning experience, with videos, audio, and on-screen reading activities. There is also a required book reading that is a required part of the training program. Additionally, we require a 4-hour ride-along with a Responder – this can be police, fire, EMS or 911.  This requirement is part of the program and MUST be completed within the 100 day program timeframe, or the program will not be considered fully completed. The program content provides full details on how, why, and where to do this activity, and we’re here to help you along the way.  NOTE: The ride-along activity has an optional stay-home activity available as well. 

WARNING: To teach the harsh reality of a First Responder career, we have included difficult videos and stories which may cause trauma to the viewer. We recommend debriefing with your own clinician periodically throughout the program.

After you have completed the full CFRA training program you will be offered the opportunity to take the certification exam. We recommend you take the exam within 30 days of completing the 100-day training program. Upon enrollment in the exam, you will have 30 days in which to take the exam, and you will be allowed 2 attempts to pass.  The exam consists of a 50-question assessment which must be passed with a 90% score or above. 

Upon successful completion of the course, and passing the exam, you will be invited to join the network of Certified First Responder Associates (CFRAs) with your certification term being effective for one year.  You must, each year prior to your anniversary date, complete at least 2 hours of CFRA-approved continuing education training.   Academy Hour will provide the required Continuing Education training class catalog for you each year.

If you are a counselor working toward a license (under supervision, etc.), when you complete your licensure requirements and qualify for the CFRC tier of this program, you may notify us and apply your CFRA tuition fee toward the CFRC training program, in order to earn the next level of certification.

  • You will have specialized knowledge of the First Responder and Law Enforcement Officer culture, special mental health needs, and expectations.
  • You will receive regular updates throughout the year from the CFRA team, keeping you informed of trends and news that matter to your responder counseling role.
  • Annual continuing education will keep you current on responder needs and challenges.
  • "Ask An Expert" - we have a team of experts who are former/current responders & officers, as well as counselors & psychologists who are experienced with this population. You may ask them a question and get a video-recorded or personal email response specifically answering YOUR question. You may also then view other CFRC and CFRA counselor questions & responses in our Ask An Expert library.

DO NO HARM. As a Certified First Responder Associate you will have a tremendous responsibility and we take the certification very seriously.  If we receive reports of a CFRA Associate doing harm or not upholding the CFRA standards, and we investigate and find the claim to be valid, we reserve the right to remove your certification at any time.  However, we very much want our warriors to have as many reliable and respectable resources as possible, and we look forward to helping provide you the education and knowledge to prepare you for the journey and adventure, and rewarding work, of being in a counselor role for a First Responder or Law Enforcement Officer.

CFRA Examination Fee: $125

CFRA Annual Renewal Fee: $50

CFRA Annual Continuing Education Classes per hour: $50 (2 hours required each year after your first renewal)

30-day extension: $100

NOTE: There are no refunds issued and your enrollment is non-transferable.

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Culturally Competent First Responder Associate 40-hr

Culturally Competent First Responder Associate 40-hr (1 payment) training course This is the required training course which must be completed in full prior to enrolling in the Certified First Responder Associate Certification Exam. 


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Culturally Competent First Responder Counselor 40-hr

Culturally Competent First Responder Associate 40-hr (3 payments) training course This is the required training course which must be completed in full prior to enrolling in the Certified First Responder Associate Certification Exam. 


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