Certified First Responder Counselor

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Are you a counselor?

This program has been designed for licensed counselors who now want to work with first responders & officers. This program doesn't teach you how to become a counselor, but instead teaches counselors about the unique culture and trauma of first responders & officers.

90 days, 40 hours

When you enroll you'll have access to the online training program for 90 days. In the first 27 days the program sessions and elements are gradually released for the most effective learning and processing. After 90 days, program access ends.

Exam / CFRC

After you have completed all sessions and elements of the training program you may enroll in the examination. The cost is $150, and you will have access for 30 days. You are allowed 2 attempts to pass, and must pass with a 90% or above.

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