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Certified First Responder Counselor online training program

This is the training program (40 hour, online) required to take the exam to become a Certified First Responder Counselor.

What you'll get:

  • Online access to the training program for 90 days
  • Valuable resources for being the best CFRC possible
  • Encouragement and support along the way

You can do this. And we thank you for caring enough to make the effort and the investment.

Congratulations on your decision to take seriously the mental health needs of our law enforcement and first responder community. As a Certified First Responder Counselor, you will be specialty-trained in the culture and unique needs of first responders and law enforcement officers.  This is a 40-hour online training program.

Note: Upon enrollment, you will be allowed 90 days to complete your training. If not completed within that time period, you will lose access and will have to re-enroll and begin again.

In this training program, you will learn:

1. The mentality of a law enforcement officer
2. The perspective of a first responder
3. The culture / family of response teams
4. The trauma of being a responder
5. The triad of health & well-being in regard to safety
6. Suicide in law enforcement
7. Warrior mentality
8. Peer support vs Peer pressure
9. Denial, Job Security, and other reasons to resist counseling
10. The spouse, children, family of a responder
11. The real goal of helping a responder
12. The importance of self-debriefing as a responder counselor
13. Ethics
14. Confidentiality and trust 
15. Rapport with a hero
16. Other issues related specifically to working in a counselor role with a first responder

The CFRC certification is offered through Academy Hour (www.AcademyHour.com) as a means of educating counselors about the very specific needs of law enforcement and first responders. Not all counselors are meant to handle the trauma and situations that these heroes face. Part of this program will include self-assessment to identify your own abilities in regard to working with the intense and difficult situations that responders would discuss in a counseling session. 

EXAM: After you have completed the full training program (which contains mini-assessments/quizzes along the way), you will be offered the opportunity to take the certification exam.  The exam cost will be $150, and you must take the exam within 30 days of completing the training program (after the initial 90 day access ends).  The exam consists of a 50-question assessment which must be passed with a 90% score or above. You are allowed 2 attempts to pass the exam within the 30-day period.

Upon successful completion of the course, and passing the exam, you will be invited to join the network of Certified First Responder Counselors (CFRCs) with your certification term being effective for one year.  You must, each year prior to your anniversary date, complete at least 2 hours of CFRC-approved continuing education training.  You will be listed on the CFRC site as a Certified First Responder Counselor so that responders in your area may find you and you will receive a quarterly newsletter which will provide you current industry trends, needs and resources.  We will also provide you with links to approved continuing education training.  Academy Hour will offer the needed & approved training, as well, and you may include your annual enrollment in those courses with your renewal application/fee for convenience, if you choose.

As a Certified First Responder Counselor you will have a tremendous responsibility and we take the certification very seriously.  If we receive reports of a CFRC-approved counselor doing harm or not upholding the CFRC standards, and we investigate and find the claim to be valid, we reserve the right to remove your certification at any time.  However, we very much want our heroes to have as many reliable and respectable resources as possible, and we look forward to helping provide you the education and knowledge to prepare you for the journey and adventure, and rewarding work, of being a counselor for a first responder or law enforcement officer.

CE Training Hours:  -0- This training program is a stand-alone course, which requires its own continuing education training hours; therefore, it is not approved as counseling license continuing education hours.

NOTEThis training program is for already-licensed mental health clinicians and counselors only, and is not a stand-alone course to be used by a non-licensed individual.

NOTE: There are no refunds issued and your enrollment is non-transferable.

The first 10 graduates become the CFRC Inaugural Class Inaugural Class members may use "Inaugural Graduate" when listing their CFRC credentials. 

To pay in 3 monthly payments, CLICK HERE.

Click the button to enroll in the training program now and start preparing yourself for an incredible mission.
Program cost $450 
Examination cost $150
Continuing Education $50/hr (x2 hrs/yr)
Annual Renewal $50/yr

Want to participate at no cost? Refer 4 counselors who enroll in the program, and your enrollment fee is waived.  Details here.