1 payment of $450

1. I understand that my enrollment is non-refundable.

2. I understand that the program timeline and access is 100 days.

3. I understand that I must be in a counseling-type role to participate in the Certified First Responder Associate program Exam.

4. I understand that the program content is a gradual-release format, with the content being released gradually over the first 40 days of the 100 day program.

5. I understand that this program contains trauma stories and that I should consult my own counselor for any vicarious trauma experienced in the program.

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Certified First Responder Associate Tuition

Congratulations on your decision to make this investment in your training, and in your choice to help First Responders in a non-licensed counselor role.

We support First Responders in everything they do for others, and we know that they experience repeated trauma on the job, which can affect them professionally and personally, physically and mentally / emotionally.  Not just everyone is  right for working with a First Responder -- they need specialty trained resource providers who "get" them. You're about to become one of those resource providers. 

Here's some of what you will learn in the CFRA training & certification program:

1) Difficult stories - which will prepare you for those you will hear in your role;

2) The real goal(s) of working with First Responders;

3) The importance of trust & confidentiality

4) Ethics and Responsibilities of a CFRA resource provider.

5) An In-Depth Look at Responder Culture

6) Escapist Behaviors & Negative Coping Skills

7) Relationships of First Responders / Family

8) The Things They See, Hear, Feel, Smell, Taste, etc.

9) An In-Depth Look at Trauma

10)  The Triad of Physical, Mental & Emotional Health

11) Behavioral Health Concerns in First Responders

12) Compassion Fatigue of a Responder and a CFRA Resource Provider

13) Burnout of a Responder and a CFRA Resource Provider

14) Suicide - In Detail & Depth

15) CFRA Resource Provider Self-Care

16) Reporting vs. Non-Reporting

17) Do's & Don't's of a CFRA Resource Provider

18) The Ride-Along & First-Hand Experience

19) Treatment options for a Responder

20) Resources and providers

21) The Effects of Meditation & Yoga on Responders

22) Joining and Building the Network of Support

23) Accusations, Investigations and Public Criticism

24) A Holistically Healthy Responder (Financial, Nutritional, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social, Relational)

25) A CFRA Resource Provider’s Ongoing Relationship With a Responder for New Incidents

26) Changing the Culture of First Responder Mental Health

27) Line of Duty Death vs. Responder Suicide

The training content is released gradually, a session at a time, over the first 40 days of the 100 day access. Once you reach Day 40, you will see that you have access to everything (Days 1-40) and you will continue to have access to all of this content through the end of your 100-day access period. It is highly recommended that you view each post more than once, taking the time to learn new things and process new thoughts each time. Much like when you watch a movie twice and see things the 2nd time that you did not notice the first, you may learn something different each time you review a post.

Each new post will have a "Downloadable Worksheet" - these accumulate to form your program workbook and what you can use later as a reference manual in your office. Because you only have access to the online classroom for 100 days, we recommend you take substantial and extensive notes, a process which also helps you learn and retain the information.

Each section includes a quiz, which helps you to see how much you're learning and also helps reiterate the material for better retention.

The CFRA Exam will have 50 multiple-choice, True/False, and fill-in-the-blank questions, covering all parts of the training program. 

You may ask questions at any time by sending an email to: [email protected]

If you are a counselor student, intern, certified counselor, counselor still under supervision or practicum hours, etc., and are working toward being a fully and independently licensed counselor, you may, at time of final licensure, apply the tuition amount you paid for the CFRA program toward the CFRC program, and go through that full program in order to earn your CFRC certification.

If you would like to enroll in this program but make 3 payments of $150 instead of 1 payment, CLICK HERE