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Certified First Responder Counselor

As a Certified First Responder Counselor, you will be specialty-trained in the unique culture of First Responders and Law Enforcement Officers. The required online training program (Cultural Competency for the First Responder Counselor) prepares you for the CFRC Certification Examination and prepares you to be culturally competent to support those who protect all of us.

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The program process:

1) Enroll in the training program entitled, "Cultural Competency for the First Responder Counselor." (Choose from the 3 payment options below)

2) Upon completion of the required training program, enroll in the CFRC Certification Exam.

3) Upon passing the CFRC Certification Exam, you will become part of the CFRC Certification community, eligible for all active CFRC benefits for a period of one year. You must renew your certification each year and, after the first renewal, complete 2 hours of CFRC CE training hours each year to qualify for renewal.


*Please note - If you have a Coupon Code you may use that on the 1-payment option only.